How to Identify Nursing Home Abuse

How to Identify Nursing Home Abuse

There are many ways that the most vulnerable populations can be abused and taken advantage of. One of the most egregious instances of mistreatment is nursing home abuse. Nursing homes are supposed to be safe residences that help elderly people live unharmed and safely when they are no longer able to live independently in their own homes. People that enter into nursing homes and pay the high cost that comes with staying in one expect that they will be treated with dignity and care. While there are many elderly people that are handled this way, there are countless numbers of others who are not and are abused.

If you suspect that your loved one is being abused in a nursing home or you know of abuse happening, it is imperative to take action. Nursing homes can be held accountable for their actions especially when negligence leads to injuries or death of their residents. The Pennsylvania nursing home abuse attorneys at Edelstein Martin & Nelson can help you protect your loved one and fight to get the financial compensation that they deserve for the losses and atrocious conditions they had to suffer through. Each case is different but there have been some cases where individuals suffered excessive losses and were able to recover millions in financial compensation.

Signs Your Loved One May be a Victim of Nursing Home Abuse

How to Identify Nursing Home AbuseLong-term care facilities have a duty to care for residents and do what is necessary to reasonably keep them safe from harm. But if willful acts of mistreatment or unintentional actions cause a resident to be hurt or die, then this is nursing home abuse. Nursing home abuse is something that is quite prevalent across the country with as many as one in three nursing home residents being victimized. Also, approximately 85% of nursing home facilities admit that abuse or neglect has happened at some point.

Residents have the right to take legal action in such situations. Abuse can and should be reported to law enforcement. Additionally, informing Pennsylvania Adult Protective Services is another meaningful move to make.

It is essential to see your loved one often when in a nursing home and keep an eye out for any symptoms or signs that they can be in distress. Many people that suffer elder abuse need the help of family and friends to address it and remedy it as there are several reasons why they may be unable to do so on their own. Some common signs of nursing home abuse or neglect include

  • Frailty and considerable weight loss
  • Bruises, fractured bones, and sores
  • Injuries to the face
  • Extreme dehydration
  • Cuts
  • Untreated injuries that become infected
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Issues with missing prescribed medications
  • Being socially withdrawn
  • Exhibiting signs of fear

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Nursing home abuse is unacceptable but it happens. When your loved one suffered abuse in a nursing home they may be entitled to financial compensation. For more information on how to secure the compensation your loved one needs, please call the Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys at Edelstein Martin & Nelson to schedule a free consultation at (215) 731-9900. 

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