How Social Media Impacts Personal Injury Claims: A Legal Perspective

How Social Media Impacts Personal Injury Claims: A Legal Perspective

If your typical day consists of using social media at some point, then you should know how this can affect you if you are starting or are in an active personal injury case. Social media is a prime target of insurance adjusters because it can offer a wealth of information that can be used against you and your claim.

After an injury accident, when you decide to take legal action, it is best to speak with an attorney. There are many things to do and to think about when starting the claims process and social media use is one of them. 

An attorney can advise you of what your rights are and provide you with guidance to get the most out of your claim. When you are ready to file a personal injury claim, the Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys at Edelstein Martin & Nelson, LLP can assist you.

The Impact of Social Media On A Personal Injury Claim

MarketingHow Social Media Impacts Personal Injury Claims A Legal Perspective044The primary objective of an insurance adjuster is to gather the information that will support their determination that either your claim should be denied or that you are only eligible for compensation that doesn’t cover the totality of your losses. The insurance adjuster is the frontline protection of the insurance company, not your well-being.

This is why an adjuster will scour all of your social media platforms to see what they can find. The pictures and videos you post or even the things that you write can undermine your claim. For example, let’s say you allege that you have suffered physical bodily harm that was so extensive your quality of life has been adversely affected and you cannot engage in normal daily tasks or go to work. But, if your social media tells a different story of you having fun being active, this can diminish your credibility. It can also give the adjuster the excuse they need to explain that your damages were not as bad as you have suggested and that you have been dishonest. This is a perfect situation for an insurance adjuster who wants to pay you little to nothing for your losses.

The best thing that you can do when you file a personal injury claim is to limit your social media activity or stay off of social media completely. If you must use social media then keeping your accounts private and not accepting new friend requests until after your claim is closed is recommended. You don’t want to help the insurance adjuster devalue or deny your claim.

Many people are unaware of how impactful social media can be during the claims process. While there may be information that can be used to support a claim there can be plenty that can sabotage it too. Even something as innocuous as liking a post can be detrimental which is why being cautious and avoiding social media use while you have an active claim is advantageous.

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