How Problems with Product Warnings Can Lead to Product Liability Claims

How Problems with Product Warnings Can Lead to Product Liability Claims

If you were injured by a product, depending on the details of how the injury incident happened, you may be able to secure compensation for your damages from the manufacturer. Products that are defective can be dangerous and have no place on the market. If a product is known to be faulty, it should be immediately recalled. There are several ways that a product can be defective and be a potential hazard for customers who buy them. One way is when the product manufacturer does not include sufficient warnings about any issues the product could have.

It is imperative that product manufacturers know everything about the products they sell including issues that could arise in specific situations. When these things are known adequate notification can be included with the product so the consumer knows how to use the product correctly and what things may make the product dangerous. If the manufacturer fails to include pertinent information that would have kept consumers safe and someone is harmed by a defective product a product liability claim may be the right course of action to recover damages.

After an injury by a defective product in Pennsylvania, consulting with an attorney can be advantageous for victims. The Pennsylvania defective product attorneys at Edelstein Martin & Nelson can help.

Warning Notices and Product Defects

How Problems with Product Warnings Can Lead to Product Liability ClaimsIt is a manufacturer’s duty to keep their products reasonably safe for the public. This would include knowing the shortfalls of a product and informing the public of the right way to use a product to stay safe. If there are issues that could potentially harm a consumer, a clear and concise warning about them should be included with the product. The warning should be user-friendly and understandable, located in a place that is easy to see for most people to notice. That is, in many cases, warnings should be placed on the product.

If there are no warnings included on or with a product or if the warning is in a location that could be argued was not easy to find and not discernible, then injuries that a consumer sustains may be compensable through a product liability claim. 

In these situations, speaking with an attorney is usually advisable. An attorney will know the laws regarding filing a product liability suit and what elements are necessary to win such a claim. Additionally, an attorney will be able to better assess the value of a claim.

Typically, a manufacturer is not going to want to have to pay claims. After all, this affects their bottom line. So they will use highly paid legal teams to defend their position and try to avoid liability. A common defense is arguing that the consumer was not following the included directions and as a result, used the product the wrong way. An experienced attorney will know how to investigate a defective product injury incident and fight against such allegations.

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