How Long Do Pennsylvania Personal Injury Claims Take?

How Long Do Pennsylvania Personal Injury Claims Take?

After you are injured in an accident that was caused by a negligent party you may know that you could potentially have a case to file a personal injury claim for compensation. If you have not been in this situation before you may not understand what that process looks like and what your rights are. It is always best in these situations to get in touch with a legal professional near you that is licensed and has extensive knowledge of personal injury laws in your state as well as experience litigating such claims.

The legal team at Edelstein, Martin, and Nelson are experienced Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys who you’ll want on your side, advocating to secure the most compensation for you while protecting protect your rights. 

How Much Time Does It Take For a Personal Injury Team to Conclude?

When you are injured after an accident, like a car accident for example, not only do you have to focus on your wellbeing and recovery but you also have to recoup financial losses. The sooner you can get the financial compensation you need to help you pay for these losses the better. Filing a personal injury claim may be the approach necessary to get the compensation you need, but how long does this process take?

When you take your injury accident experience to one of the Pennsylvania car accident attorneys at Edelstein, Martin, and Nelson to review your case you can learn a lot about what you can do to get the funds you deserve after an accident.  How Long Do Pennsylvania Personal Injury Claims Take?

First, it has to be established that you actually have a case to make against another party. If another party had a duty of care to you but violated this duty and that is what caused your injuries and damages, then you likely have a strong case to file a claim.

The length of time it can take to come to a conclusion in a Pennsylvania personal injury case varies. Each case and each injury accident is different. Most personal injury cases will resolve by settling outside of the courtroom. But in some cases, if a settlement cannot be agreed upon, then a case could go to court. Going to court is one factor that can make a case much longer to resolve and the outcome is in the hand of a jury, meaning it is never guaranteed for either side, the plaintiff or the defendant.

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Sometimes personal injury suits can take weeks to come to a conclusion, other times months or years. Investigations, discovery, negotiations, and if a case goes to court are all factors that can impact the length of the claims process. To save yourself time and money and to improve your chances for the most favorable outcome in your case, you can call the Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers at Edelstein, Martin, and Nelson at (215) 731-9900 to schedule a free consultation.

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