How Drivers Can Help Prevent Pedestrian Accidents

How Drivers Can Help Prevent Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents continue to occur every year in the state of Pennsylvania, despite the fact that drivers are expected to watch out for these vulnerable parties at all costs. The unfortunate reality is that many pedestrians are killed and others are hospitalized every single year due to life-altering pedestrian accidents. It is important for drivers to understand the many ways that they can work to keep many individuals who share our roads safe from pedestrian accidents that could risk their lives.

Tips for Drivers to Keep Pedestrians Safe 

Watching the Roads: Pedestrians have the right-of-way on our roads, which means that drivers should always watch out for these parties. As a driver, you owe a heightened duty of care to pedestrians who share our roadways. You should never assume that a pedestrian will be in a crosswalk, which means that you should stay vigilant at all times.

Following the Speed Limits: When pedestrians are known for being in certain areas, such as school zones and on streets in neighborhoods, you should always abide by the speed limits and be as careful as possible. 

Use Your Lights: When you are driving in bad weather or in areas with poor lighting, you are less likely to see pedestrians who share our roads. Make sure that you are always using your lights and signals at all times.

Remembering Driveway Safety: When you’re pulling in and out of driveways, pedestrians might not see you until it’s too late. A pedestrian could walk directly into your path, so make sure that you see them. 

11.23 How Drivers Can Help Prevent Pedestrian AccidentsPay Attention to Crosswalks: Pedestrians who are using the crosswalk are abiding by the rules of the road, which is why you should always use caution in these areas. Yield to pedestrians who are in a crosswalk at all times. You should always be prepared to stop and leave plenty of space so that other drivers can see that you have stopped for pedestrians.

Never Drive While Intoxicated: No matter what, a driver should never utilize the roads when they are under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol and drugs can impair the amount of time that it takes for you to react to an accident, as well as all of your cognitive functions. You want to ensure that you never engage in drunk driving so that pedestrian accidents, as well as all other accidents, can be prevented.

Like drivers, pedestrians are always expected to abide by the rules of the road as well. This means that those who walk on our roads should never do so while distracted and should always follow the rules of the road, including signs and signals.

Getting Help After a Pennsylvania Pedestrian Accident 

Pennsylvania sees hundreds of fatalities and thousands of injured victims as a result of pedestrian accidents each year. In the blink of an eye, your life could be turned upside-down due to an accident that was caused by another party. If you or someone you love has been impacted by a pedestrian accident, you should have the help of a Pennsylvania personal injury attorney. At Edelstein Martin & Nelson, our Pennsylvania accident attorneys have dedicated our lives to helping those injured in pedestrian accidents. We understand how difficult it can be to move forward during these complex times and we are here for you. Please contact a Pennsylvania pedestrian accident attorney at (215) 731-9900 to find out how we can assist you.