Hit and Run Driver Injures Toddler in North Philadelphia

                By on May 4th, 2018 in Accident News

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Child Injured in North PhiladelphiaIt goes without saying that the most tremendously awful accidents are always those that involve young children. And unfortunately, one such accident occurred late yesterday evening when a small three-year-old boy was catastrophically injured. According to witnesses and police, a man in a mini-van struck the child in North Philadelphia before fleeing the scene. Surprisingly, the man actually got out of the van to briefly exchange words with witnesses and then quickly retreated.

The accident happened around 7:00 pm on the 2400 block of Reese Street. As terrifying as it is, the boy’s grandmother actually witnessed the impact. Iris Rios banged on the windows of the van as it dragged her grandson before coming to a stop. The man argued with bystanders while Rios tended to her grandson. Chief Inspector Scott Small expressed his surprise concerning the man’s actions when he stopped to talk before leaving the scene of the motor vehicle accident. Thankfully, the incident was captured on surveillance video and one witness was able to capture a photo of the man’s license plate as well. The boy suffered a fractured skull and was immediately rushed to Saint Christopher’s Hospital.

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