Head-on Collision Accident Leaves 2 People Dead and 1 Injured

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January 26, 2018
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Head-on Collision Accident Leaves 2 People Dead and 1 Injured

Posted on January 27, 2018

Only days ago, an accident took place about an hour away from Lancaster. The crash was a head-on collision that left 2 people dead and 1 man seriously injured. They say that a Pennsylvania man, 71 years old, crossed into the oncoming lane and hit a vehicle head-on that was driving eastbound. It was such a severe accident that the crash caused the vehicle to roll onto its side against a utility pole.

The driver who was hit died instantly after the crash, and his passenger, a woman, died on the way to the hospital. The car driver who caused the accident was hospitalized with serious head and leg injuries, but information is not known about what caused him to cross over into the other lane.

After a Head-on Collision 

head-on collision accidentA head-on collision accident occurs when two cars driving in opposite directions come into contact with one another. In many cases, there will be one or more parties who sustains a fatality due to these accidents, which are very severe in nature due to the force. Sometimes they are due to a mistake, and other times they happen due to drunk driving or brake failure. If you have been involved in a head-on collision and want to recover for your injuries, you will have to show negligence or recklessness by the other party and that they breached their duty of care to you by driving unsafely and putting your life at risk.

You may not expect it, but sometimes proving liability in these accidents is more difficult than it seems. This is because the impact could send both vehicle spiraling out of control, and put them in different positions than they initially started in. A lot of the time, liability is only figured out when a witness comes forward about what happened because they watched it occur. Sometimes, forensic engineers are able to figure out who is at fault based on skid marks on the road.

Some of the most common injuries you may receive in these extremely serious accidents are brain trauma, paralysis, multiple broken bones, internal injuries, and disfigurement. The effect of these serious injuries can have such a huge impact on your life that you might miss months or years of work, have thousands of dollars in medical bills, and lifelong rehabilitation to get you back on your feet.

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