Havertown, PA – Three Injured in Tractor-Trailer Crash Involving SUV and Bus on W Chester Pke

Havertown, PA – Three Injured in Tractor-Trailer Crash Involving SUV and Bus on W Chester Pke

Havertown, PA (August 10, 2023) – Three people sustained injuries in an accident involving a tractor-trailer and a bus in Havertown on Wednesday, August 9.

According to Philadelphia officials, the accident took place at an unknown time during the day on West Chester Pike. Police confirmed that a driver was traveling the wrong way when they set off a chain-reaction collision. As a result, an SUV overturned and was sandwiched between a SEPTA bus and a tractor-trailer. There were extensive damages to the involved vehicles and debris left scattered all over the roadway in the area.

Paramedics, fire crews, and several other responders were called to the scene to help those in need. Three people sustained injuries as a result of the accident. The injured victims were hospitalized, though they are all expected to recover from their injuries.

Police confirmed that the driver, who was initially traveling the wrong way, may have been suffering from a medical emergency. The road was blocked for some time after the accident.

No further details have been released, but the investigation into the accident continues at this time.

We want to take a moment to offer our warmest sympathies to the parties who have been hurt in this accident.

Truck Accidents in Pennsylvania 

8/10 Havertown, PA – Three Injured in Tractor-Trailer Crash Involving SUV and Bus on W Chester PkeLarge trucks are a necessity on our roads, delivering goods from one destination to another so that consumers can buy the products they enjoy. However, there are many risks on our roads as we travel with vehicles that can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. In 2015, it was reported that 7,465 large truck accidents took place in all of Pennsylvania, with 130 of them leading to fatalities. Heavy trucks are actually present in about 5% of traffic accidents leading to injuries in Pennsylvania each year. If you have fallen victim to a truck accident and wonder where you can turn, speaking with a legal advocate can put your claim into perspective for you.

Nobody is ever prepared to face a truck accident on their own, especially if this is the first time that you have ever been involved in one. These claims tend to be incredibly complex, with a variety of laws to understand and big-name insurance companies calling you after your accident. There are many parties who could be at fault for a truck accident. These include some of the following:

  • Truck drivers
  • Trucking companies
  • Manufacturers of truck parts
  • Cargo loaders

You have many options after a truck accident and should be prepared to speak with a dedicated Havertown truck accident lawyer immediately.

Our attorneys at Edelstein Martin & Nelson are here for you after your life has been turned upside-down due to a truck accident. We understand the ins and outs of truck accident laws and will stand by your side when you need our help the most. Our attorneys will provide you with the resources that you need to move forward during these difficult times. You should never have to face a truck accident claim alone. Please do not hesitate to contact a truck accident attorney in Havertown at (215) 731-9900 for more information on your available options.

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