Gouldsboro, PA – Seven-Vehicle Accident on Interstate 380

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Gouldsboro, PA – Seven-Vehicle Accident on Interstate 380

Four Injured in Seven-Vehicle Accident

Gouldsboro, PA (October 19, 2018) On the afternoon of October 19th, a seven-vehicle accident occurred on Interstate 380. According to officials, around 2: 00 p.m. a trailer-tractor collided into another in the construction zone. The accident caused a ripple affect, involving four trailer-tractors and three regular-sized vehicles. When emergency responders arrived at the scene to help, the found four people injured and transported them to nearby hospitals. The severity of their injuries has not been released at this time. The accident is undergoing investigation.

Truck Accidents in Pennsylvania

Seven-Vehicle Accident in Gouldsboro

Every year in the United States, truck accidents are responsible for thousands of personal injuries. It’s not uncommon for a trailer-tractor to collide with another, or with a regular-sized vehicle. However, in this case four trailer-tractors and three regular-sized vehicles were involved, causing a massive accident. The trucking industry is required to follow specific federal laws and regulations. The police are currently investigating what caused the accident, but negligence is usually the cause of most accidents. Although federal laws require truck drivers not to text or violate road laws, sometimes truck drivers still partake in negligent behavior. Because four peopled received injuries from this collision, personal injury lawsuits will more than likely be filed.

When filing lawsuits against trucking companies, it’s important that an experienced attorney who understands the federal regulations assists injured victims with their cases. At Edelstein, Martin & Nelson, we have some of the best personal injury attorneys that are well-versed in what’s required when filing lawsuits against trucking companies. We believe our clients shouldn’t be held financially responsible for injuries they didn’t cause. If you, or someone you know, received injuries in a truck accident, call (215) 731-9900.