Full Versus Limited Auto Coverage in Pennsylvania

Full Versus Limited Auto Coverage in Pennsylvania

All states in the country require their drivers to carry some amount of automobile insurance. Pennsylvania is no different. The rules for how automobile insurance is handled and what is allowed vary by state, but in Pennsylvania, you have a choice. Full tort coverage gives greater access to have all damages covered after an injury accident or wrongful death incident. Limited tort coverage, by contrast, only allows for some damages to be paid in a personal injury claim.

It is critical to understand the difference between full and limited tort coverage when you are buying automobile insurance in Pennsylvania. While there may be small cost savings in what you pay for with limited tort coverage, you could be risking a lot should you get into an accident and need coverage for all of your damages. 

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Damages Included in Full and Limited Auto Coverage in Pennsylvania

Full Versus Limited Auto Coverage in PennsylvaniaUnder Pennsylvania’s automobile insurance coverage laws, if you purchase limited tort coverage then your insurance is restricted, in most cases, for what damages you can recover after an accident. For drivers with this coverage, if an accident happens it is likely that they will only be able to recover the economic damages they suffered. These would include costs of medical treatment, lost wages from time away from work, or vehicle repairs, for example. Non-economic damages like pain and suffering would not typically be covered.

Drivers that purchased full tort coverage, would be entitled to be paid for damages that include economic and non-economic. So, these drivers would have greater access to fuller settlements that pay for the pain and suffering that transpired as a result of their crash.

In cases where the injuries a person suffers from their crash are substantial, they then could potentially recover for pain and suffering damages if they have limited tort coverage. Although, the bar for proving that the physical bodily harm you endured rises to the level of serious injury is high. Death, loss of bodily functions, or severe and permanent disfigurement would qualify here. So, even if you are badly hurt, you may still not be considered a serious injury and could lose your rights to claim pain and suffering damages with the limited coverage option. And in some circumstances, the amount you would have received if you were able to secure pain and suffering could be substantial.

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There is a limited amount of time to file a claim for compensation in Pennsylvania so whether you have limited coverage or full coverage the sooner you act the better. Most victims of car accidents in Pennsylvania will only have two years from the date that their accident took place to file their claim.

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