Fire in Lancaster County Injures Firefighter

                By on April 11th, 2018 in Accident News

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Lancaster County Fire at ResortNews today comes out of Lancaster County where a Firefighter was seriously injured while battling a blaze. The fire broke out at the Eden Resort in Manheim Township located on Route 30. Flames engulfed the structure late last night, and thankfully, all the patrons were able to make it out safely. The terrible fierceness of the fire forced all guests to flee the building without their belongings.

Generally, a fire such as this one will result in numerous injuries and/or deaths. It is fortunate that most people, whether patrons, staff, or rescuers, were able to escape the blaze unscathed. Sadly, one firefighter did have to be rushed to the hospital. The name of the firefighter who was injured has not yet been released, although his injury is not that different from many construction accidents that occur on an all-too-often basis.

Officials say that the fire had burned for more than an hour and a half, swallowing up several rooms before it was finally put to rest. While numerous firefighters were on the scene, the fire was not under control for quite some time. Nevertheless, it wasn’t the flames that injured the firefighter as he was struck by falling debris caused by the fire. Currently, he is expected to be okay.

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