Fell Township, PA – Motorcycle Collision Leaves Three Injured

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Fell Township, PA – Motorcycle Collision Leaves Three Injured

Motorcycle Collision in Lackawanna County

Motorcycle Collision in Fell TownshipFell Township, PA (July 26, 2018) On Thursday night, a motorcycle collision occurred involving two motorcycles in Lackawanna County. The accident left three people severely injured on a back road near Carbondale. The EMS transported all three victims to a hospital for their injuries. It’s unclear what caused the collision, but investigators are working to determine the cause and liability.

Motorcycle Accidents in Pennsylvania

Motorcycle accidents almost always result in severe, catastrophic, or fatal injuries because motorcyclists don’t wear enough armor to shield their bodies from the impact of other vehicles. Wearing a helmet does not suffice when it comes to colliding with the weight of another vehicle. Distracted driving and speeding are the most common causes of motorcycle accidents. Although the law requires drivers to keep motorcyclists in their radar screens, their attention spans still deviate to other matters.

Because three people are suffering severe injuries, personal injury lawsuits could be filed. Depending on what investigators discover about the accident, if negligence caused the collision then whoever is liable will have to compensate the others for any damages and losses. All drivers have a duty to drive responsibly; therefore, the law holds any driver accountable for committing a negligent act.

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