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Fatal Erie Accident Yields Jail Time

Fatal Erie Accident Yields Jail Time

Fatal Erie Accident Yields Jail Time (December 13, 2017) A fatal Erie accident yields jail time for the man found at fault for the November 11, 2016 that killed a man and seriously injured his wife.

In an article by Go Erie, Kevin Deck was sentenced, after a guilty plea, to a lengthy, yet less than the maximum term in state prison.  Judge John Garhart of Erie County conveyed the sentence of just under 8 years but up to 20 years imprisonment which could have been as severe as a 25 year sentence.

The accident in question inflicted permanent damage upon an unsuspecting family.  Tina Pierce was driving a Chevy Blazer toward the intersection of Ash Street and 21st Street in a residential area with a 25-mph speed limit with her husband Jorge in the passenger seat.  Mr. Deck was behind the wheel of a Dodge Caravan, operating the minivan at more than double the legal blood alcohol limit and traveling into the same intersection at nearly three times the legal speed limit.  Upon entering the intersection, Mr. Deck slammed into the Chevy Blazer ejecting both Mr. and Mrs. Pierce.  The 27-year-old Jorge Pierce was thrown four houses down from the intersection and was pronounced dead at the accident scene.  His wife, Tina, survived the accident but lost her left leg.

Judge Garhart applied both the law and emotion in the sentencing, chastising Mr. Deck with words that attached upon him the actions he perpetuated on this couple as permanent with no remedy outside of the law.  The discounted sentence, understandably, did not satisfy the father of Jorge Pierce (also named Jorge Pierce) when he expressed his sadness and frustration while stating that even though Mr. Deck would serve time, he would ultimately still be able to enjoy time with his family in contrast to the permanent loss that the Pierce family would have to endure.

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