Fatal Crane Accidents: How Are These Serious Cases Handled?

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Posted on February 2, 2018

This morning, Pennsylvania State Police and the Franklin County Coroner were called onto the property of Manitowac Cranes for a crane accident occurring on Rote 16 in Shady Grove, between Greencastle and Waynesboro. Spokesperson Brent Miller confirmed that two people have been killed and at least one is thought to be injured, though no names were released yet. A spokesperson for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) confirmed that the organization would also have involvement in investigating the incident.

The Reality of Crane Accidents 

crane accidentsThere are approximately 250,000 crane operators in the U.S. at any given time who could be injured when safety precautions are not taken in the workplace. Many of these accidents happen as a result of negligence, either from not being trained properly to use cranes or due to a lack of protections. Over the years, many workers have fallen victim to crane accidents for a variety of reasons.

Crane accidents are always likely to result in serious injuries because of their sheer size. Employers in construction and a variety of other industries that work with cranes are required by OSHA to ensure that any employee operating cranes is properly trained and licensed through the state. This means that they must be able to comply with crane maintenance on a yearly basis, understand load capacity, use proper warning signs, and so much more. Some of the common accidents that happen regarding the use of cranes include improper maintenance, mechanical failure, inadequate training, dropped or swinging loads, and improper load capacity.

Liability in Crane Accidents 

Crane accidents in the workplace can be prevented through simple precautions like ensuring that all worker training is up to date, ensuring that loads are not too heavy, and so many other aspects. So, when a worker is injured by a crane, an employer or a third party could be held liable for resulting injuries.

Crane accidents are typically caused by operators who are not up to date on training or fail to take certain precautions when operating the crane. However, a small percentage of crane accidents also happen due to employer negligence as well. If the accident occurred due to the carelessness of a coworker or due to improper warnings in the workplace, the construction site will probably be liable. There are a variety of parties that could be held liable in construction accidents, so you would have to speak to an attorney about your case.

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Two killed, three injured in Franklin County crane accident