Facts and Myths as It Pertains to Your Personal Injury Case

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Facts and Myths as It Pertains to Your Personal Injury Case

Facts and Myths as It Pertains to Your Personal Injury Case

Many people who are injured in personal injury cases each year might be feeling uncertain and even concerned about their personal injury claim outcome. The outcome of your case might feel like it is months or even years away and you might wonder if you want to put yourself through that stress. You might be lacking the confidence in your case because others have told you that it is not worth it to bring a claim, but this is far from the truth.

As you might find along the way, there are many myths concerning personal injury claims that can leave you feeling hopeless. The good news is that many of the stigmas that you might have heard are false or have come from those who have not experienced a personal injury. It is a good idea to come into your claim with a fresh view and an open mind.

The Myths of Personal Injury Claims

Your personal injury case will take forever. Many people are turned away from bringing a claim because they believe it to be a drawn-out affair with no conclusion. Unfortunately, by thinking this and not moving forward with a claim, you could miss out on opportunities for compensation, which you deserve. Many cases don’t even make it to the courtroom but will instead be resolved through settlement, which is not a long affair. 

If you have minor injuries, you will never be successful in a claim. Just because your injuries are minor does not mean that you don’t have a right to compensation. The best attorney can help you secure compensation in any case. 

The at-fault party will owe you out-of-pocket. In most cases, you will find that the other party’s insurance company will end up paying the settlement that you get awarded.

If you have insurance, you don’t need an attorney for your case. You might have insurance that will cover your medical costs and a variety of other expenses that you are facing now that you have been injured. However, an attorney can ensure that you are not being cheated and you are gaining a fair chance at compensation you deserve. 

Facts and Myths as It Pertains to Your Personal Injury CaseYou can file a personal injury case far into the future. Many people do not know that there is a statute of limitations that you must abide by if you are planning on seeking compensation after an accident. This varies from state to state but is a certain amount of time in which you are permitted to bring a claim. 

You are guaranteed compensation for your losses if somebody else has injured you. A plaintiff is never guaranteed compensation for their injuries. Judges and insurance companies vary from case to case, which means that you might not receive the amount you were imagining at the beginning of your case. However, this should not turn you away from filing. 

If you wait a while, you will have a larger settlement. Many people believe that holding out will give them a bigger settlement because the insurance company will just “give in.” However, with the right attorney, you have a better chance of just negotiating the best settlement from the start so you don’t have to wait.

Let Us Help in the Midst of Your Claim

Now you’ve taken a closer look at some of the myths that become prevalent in personal injury cases every year. If you have received catastrophic injuries in an accident and you wonder where you can turn during this challenging time, our accident attorneys at Edelstein, Martin & Nelson are here for you when you need us most. Our car accident attorneys in Pennsylvania are willing to take a closer look at your case and guide you through this sometimes-complex process. Please contact us at 215-731-9900 to find out how we can assist you.