Evidence That You Should Always Collect at the Scene of an Accident

Evidence That You Should Always Collect at the Scene of an Accident

You were involved in a car accident and now you are unsure about what happens next. In 2020 alone, this was the reality that over 104,475 people faced. Of course, the first thing that you should always do following a car accident is to seek immediate medical attention. But what happens at the scene of the accident? And how will the evidence that you collect at the scene of an accident help you later on down the line when you move forward with a claim?

No matter how minor or severe your injuries were in an accident, you should always be concerned about the evidence that you gather. In the end, no matter how minor your injuries, many individuals will have to bring a claim against another party for the harm that a car accident has caused them. It is important to know which types of evidence are most important.

What Evidence is Needed After a Pennsylvania Car Accident

Information from the Other Driver and Witnesses: You want to make sure that you collect all important information from the other driver or drivers involved in your accident. These include driver’s license numbers, insurance information, license plate numbers, witness contact information, and anything else that you may be able to think of at the time.

Road Conditions at the Time: The road conditions are an important thing to keep in mind because, often times, road conditions can lead to an accident. You should always take photographs of the road in the area at the time and document any information if there were bad conditions at that time.

6/21 Evidence That You Should Always Collect at the Scene of an AccidentSafety Signs in the Area: You should collect photographs of all road and safety signs in the area.

Damages to Both Vehicles: Of course, photographs of all involved vehicles and any damages that they sustained is one of the most important pieces of evidence when it comes to proving your claim. 

Debris on the Roadway: You should also photograph any debris that was present at the time of the crash.

Camera Surveillance: At times, your accident may have happened in any area where your accident was recorded by cameras. If you notice that there is any surveillance in the area, you should take a picture of the camera so that you can locate this evidence later.

At the scene, it is also important to talk to police if you are able to. Gathering evidence in a police report is one of the best ways that you can prove that the details of your case were true and happened the ways you said they did.

Speaking with a Pennsylvania Car Accident Attorney 

After you have sought the evidence needed at the scene of your accident and received medical attention, speaking with an attorney should always come next. Having help from a dedicated and knowledgeable Pennsylvania car accident attorneycan ensure that your rights are being protected after an accident. Our attorneys at Edelstein Martin & Nelson are here to help you get back on your feet in your dire time of need. Please do not hesitate to contact a car accident attorney in Pennsylvania at (215) 731-9900 to find out what options you have at this time.

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