Driver’s Fatigue Leading to Pennsylvania Truck Accidents

Driver’s Fatigue Leading to Pennsylvania Truck Accidents

Driver fatigue leads to many serious accidents each year, many of which involve a variety of different vehicles. Truck drivers are some of the most common parties for falling victim to drowsy driving. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drowsy driving collisions are taking place more and more every single year. In just one recent year, over 100,000 crashes took place due to fatigued driving involving commercial trucks.

The truth is, every fatigued driving accident is completely preventable. Truck drivers are known for being some of the safest drivers on our roads due to the fact that they go through an extensive amount of training and must abide by many different regulations. Some of these regulations state that drivers should always be well-rested when they hit the roads to avoid drowsy driving accidents that can very easily end in injuries and take lives. Unfortunately, these collisions continue to occur every single year.

Why Truck Drivers Are Susceptible to Drowsy Driving 

Driver’s Fatigue Leading to Pennsylvania Truck AccidentsFatigue-related accidents are some of the most common types of truck accidents on our roads. Why are truck drivers most likely to fall asleep at the wheel, though? The NHTSA has said that commercial drivers are required to drive on our roads for extremely long periods of time, most of the time during the night hours. This means that they are most likely to fall asleep at the wheel, even more than any other driver. Fatigue accounts for approximately 40% of truck-related accidents every year, which means that drivers and companies alike must work together to prevent these collisions.

Truck drivers are also used to sitting for long periods of time due to the nature of their job. This means that they are more likely to have a high BMI, which can contribute to obstructive sleep apnea. This is a type of condition that causes breathing to start and stop repeatedly throughout the night. Commercial truck drivers undergo medical exams to look for these disorders but they are not always caught. If a driver is deprived of sleep due to a sleeping disorder, a serious accident could occur in the blink of an eye.

What Companies Can Do to Prevent Drowsy Driving 

Truck drivers are not the only parties who could be liable in a drowsy driving accident. Along with drivers taking special precautions to prevent these collisions, trucking companies also have a legal responsibility to ensure that they are abiding by regulations that will help prevent drowsy driving, such as taking regular breaks. They also have a responsibility to have drivers tested for sleep apnea and ensure that they are treated before they hit the road once more.

How a Pennsylvania Truck Accident Attorney Can Help  

Pennsylvania truck accidents happen every single day in the U.S., some of which are more severe than others. These accidents take place in the blink of an eye when a driver is not focused on the road before them. If you have suffered damages as a result of a truck accident caused by another party, it is essential that you speak with a personal injury attorney who can assist you in your time of need. Please contact an accident attorney in Pennsylvania at (215) 731-9900 to find out how we can assist you.