Driver Crashes into Wheelchair Accessible Van and Leaves Scene

                By on March 27th, 2018 in Accident News

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Van Crash in PhiladelphiaDuring the extremely early morning hours, around 1:00 am, a hit-and-run driver smashed through a fence and barreled right into a stationary wheelchair accessible van. The driver was apparently able to flee the scene of the motor vehicle accident and did not leave any comfort in his wake. The owner of the van and their family were awakened by a knock on the door in the wee hours.

The accident took place on Academy Road in Northeast Philadelphia and left the Smith family in absolute shock as they were awakened by a firefighter knocking on their door. Bryce Smith is the one most affected by the accident as the van was recently purchased and equipped with wheelchair accessibility that he uses to go absolutely everywhere.

According to Bryce, the van still has around $30,000 left to pay on it, and he is entirely unsure of how much of the damage his insurance will cover. The Smith family rightfully insists that it is imperative for the wayward driver to be held accountable for the accident. Whether an accident results in catastrophic injury or mere property damage, the negligent party needs to be held responsible for their actions.

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