Dozens Injured in Trolley Accident in West Philadelphia

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Dozens Injured in Trolley Accident in West Philadelphia

philadelphia personal injury lawyerDozens of people were hurt on January 4 when two SEPTA trolleys collided in West Philadelphia.

According two a SEPTA spokesperson, two Route 10 trolleys were traveling west on Lancaster Avenue at around 1 pm when one trolley bumped the other. This collision occurred near 38th Street.

According to officials, 46 passengers were transported to the hospital, although none had life-threatening injuries.

Passenger Jarrod McCain told NBC10 that his trolley must have been going about 40 miles per hour when it was rammed from behind.

Trolley service to the area was diverted while police cleared the scene and conducted an investigation. It’s unclear why the trolleys were operating so close together. According to SEPTA, trolleys typically run on a schedule about 10 minutes apart.

Trolley accidents are not uncommon in Philadelphia. These trackless trolleys operate along five routes under the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) and are responsible for transporting thousands of residents every day. While trolleys usually operate without incident, trolley accidents can cause significant injuries to passengers and pedestrians. Under Pennsylvania law, people injured in SEPTA accidents can bring legal claims against the agency for compensation.