Decatur Township Fatal Multi-Vehicle Accident

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Decatur Township Fatal Multi-Vehicle Accident

Decatur Township Fatal Multi-Vehicle Accident

Decatur Township Fatal Multi-Vehicle Accident (October 27, 2017) There was a fatal multi-vehicle accident in Decatur Township when two cars collided Friday morning.

The Center Daily Times reports that the accident happened just before 10 o’clock Friday morning in Decatur Township.  Billi Joann Johns, 46 years old of Beccaria, was driving her car southbound on Walton Street when she slipped into oncoming traffic on the northbound side of the road.  Ms. Johns car collided, head on with a car driven by Joe Denochick, 78 years old from West Decatur.

State police reported that Mr. Denochick tried to get out of the way of Ms. John’s car but despite efforts to avoid the collision, the cars met violently.

Each Vehicle had passengers.  In Mr. Denochick’s vehicle was 40 year old Michael Wayland of Osceola Mills.  Both Mr. Denochick and Mr. Wayland were transported to UPMC Altoona for treatment of the injuries.  There was no detail on the extent of their injuries.

Ms. Johns’ passenger was James Spencer, who was 49 years old, from Beccaria.  Both Ms. Johns and Mr. Spencer were pronounced dead at the accident scene. Deputy Coroner Kim Shaffer was at the scene in response to the fatalities.

What is hard to believe is that none of the parties in the accident had their seat belt on according to police.

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