Concussions Can Have Delayed Symptoms

Concussions Can Have Delayed Symptoms

There are several types of injury incidents that can cause head trauma which affects the brain. Car accidents, slip and fall incidents, and even defective products can malfunction and impact the head and cause harm. In some cases, when the brain is hurt, the symptoms do not appear right away. They may take hours to a day or so before they become apparent. This is why after an injury accident when the head suffered some amount of impact from the force, you still should see a medical professional for an evaluation even if you do not immediately feel bad. You may have suffered physical trauma and just do not know it yet. 

Within 24 to 48 hours after an injury event takes place, a victim may start to feel uneasy and experience some of the most common concussion symptoms. This should be taken seriously. Concussions, even mild ones can have long-term negative implications for victims. Failure to seek treatment can make recovery times much longer. This means more time away from work or school because of an inability to function correctly. 

Negligence is not always behind an injury accident, but when it exists, victims in these situations may be able to seek compensation for their losses like missed wages from time away from work while trying to recover. If you suffered a concussion or another form of physical bodily harm after a negligent party caused your accident, please connect with the Pennsylvania catastrophic injury attorneys at Edelstein Martin & Nelson to learn more about your legal options.

Concussion’s Delayed Symptoms

Concussions Can Have Delayed SymptomsSome individuals will feel the effects of a concussion right away after their physical trauma has happened. While for others, the time it takes to notice symptoms takes a bit longer. Some of the most common concussion symptoms include:

  • Painful headaches
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness and problems with balance
  • Foggy mind and difficulty thinking clearly
  • Memory issues
  • Mood swings and irritability
  • Difficulties sleeping

If after an injury accident you get home and you do not feel right or are having any of the listed symptoms above, you should call your doctor immediately. The same is true if on the next day following your accident you experience discomfort and issues like the concussion symptoms listed here.

When you are seen by a medical professional you can have your diagnosis sooner and be able to start on the path to recovery promptly. When it comes to concussions, plenty of rest is necessary. Rest means not only physical activities but also taking a break from your devices like your cell phone for example. The goal of recovering from a concussion is to give your brain some downtime to support healing.

Speak to a Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorney

Concussions can be mild to severe. When negligence on behalf of another party is why you were hurt and suffered a concussion, you may be able to hold that party accountable for their actions. The Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys at Edelstein Martin & Nelson can evaluate your accident experience and discuss what options you have for recovering compensation. Call Edelstein Martin & Nelson today, to schedule a free consultation at (215) 731-9900.

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