Common Myths Following Pennsylvania Truck Accidents

Common Myths Following Pennsylvania Truck Accidents

Every year, there are approximately 500,000 truck accidents in the U.S., with a large percentage of these collisions taking place in Pennsylvania. These accidents are capable of causing serious injuries to individuals and damages to the vehicles involved. The aftermath of a truck accident can have a huge impact on your life, which is why you should always have the help of a dedicated attorney by your side.

The unfortunate truth is that many myths are told each year concerning truck accidents. If you have never been involved in a truck collision up until this point, you may not know what to believe when it comes to these accidents. We will help you gain a better understanding of what is real and what is not when it comes to your accident and your claim.

Myths Involving Truck Accidents 

Trucking companies are never liable for truck accidents. Many people wrongly believe that a truck driver is always liable for a truck accident. However, this is not true. Trucking companies can be held liable for these accidents as well, as they play a huge role in many truck collisions each year. For instance, trucking companies sometimes negligently hire drivers without doing an accurate background check or inadequately train those driving trucks before they hit the road for the first time.

Hours-of-service regulations prevent all drowsy driving accidents. Drowsy driving is one of the leading causes of truck accidents each year, as these drivers put in many hours on our roads. In 2013, rules were implemented known as ‘hours-of-service’ to limit the number of hours a truck driver can spend on the road each week. However, many companies fail to abide by these rules and drowsy truck drivers will hit the roads, causing fatigued driving accidents in the blink of an eye.

Common Myths Following Pennsylvania Truck AccidentsInsurance companies will always look out for your best interests after a truck accident. Many victims trust the insurance company and believe that they will never guide them in the wrong direction, but this is not always the case. Insurance adjusters are looking to pay as little as possible, which means that you should always be careful when speaking with them.

Filing a personal injury claim is going to be expensive and long-lasting. Many individuals choose not to file a personal injury claim because they think it will take years to settle and might be too expensive for them. However, it is important that you speak with an attorney who will work on a contingency fee basis, which means that you will not have to pay until you win.

Speaking with a Pennsylvania Truck Accident Attorney 

Being involved in a Pennsylvania truck accident might be one of the most difficult things that you have ever endured. Truck accidents are known for being some of the most severe accidents on our roads due to the fact that they involve some of the largest vehicles on our roadways. If you have received injuries in one of these accidents, it is important that you speak with a personal injury attorney who is well-versed in these laws. At Edelstein Martin & Nelson, we are here for you in your time of need. Please contact a Pennsylvania accident attorney at (215) 731-9900 to find out how we can help you.