Common Internal Injuries That Occur in Pennsylvania Car Accidents

Common Internal Injuries That Occur in Pennsylvania Car Accidents

Many serious injuries result from Pennsylvania car accidents every year, some of which are more catastrophic than others. Because some of these injuries are incredibly life-threatening, they could lead to permanent disabilities or even death if treatment is put off. One of the most horrific types of injuries that takes place due to Pennsylvania car accidents is internal injuries. These injuries take on many forms but are known for being incredibly painful and even dangerous.

Types of Internal Injuries

Brain Bleeds: It is not uncommon for a car accident to end in a traumatic brain injury. When these injuries occur, they could lead to brain bleeds, which are incredibly severe internal injuries. When oxygen cannot reach certain areas of the brain, permanent brain damage could result.

Fractured Ribs: Because car accidents are so forceful, ribs could easily become fractured in an accident. These injuries are dangerous due to the fact that displaced or broken ribs could damage organs and blood vessels.

Collapsed Lung: When a rib is broken and punctures a lung, it could cause the lung to collapse. This could release air into the chest and lead to permanent results or death.

Aortic Aneurysm: When the stomach becomes compressed in a car accident, the abdominal aorta could become ruptured. These internal injuries usually lead to sudden death. 

Organ Injuries: Internal organs can easily become impacted during a serious car accident, especially one that is high-impact. When internal bleeding takes place, an affected organ could start to fail and can’t perform its usual functions. Some of the most common types of organ injuries are liver lacerations, kidney damage, and spleen ruptures. If a person does not receive immediate surgery and repair, they could lose their life. 

Internal Bleeding: Internal bleeding can occur after a serious car accident. When trauma to the blood vessels occurs, they will be prevented from repairing themselves. You might experience a wide array of symptoms due to internal bleeding including abdominal pain, feeling cold, feeling lightheaded, and fatigue.

After You Have Received an Internal Injury 

Common Internal Injuries That Occur in Pennsylvania Car AccidentsInternal injuries occur in a large percentage of high-impact collisions. Many victims might not be aware of the fact that they have suffered from an internal injury until they experience devastating symptoms. This is why it is always important to receive medical care after an accident so that you do not want to risk your life if you have suffered one of these injuries. Tests were done at the hospital with the help you can prevent any further damage caused by internal injuries.

Speaking with a Pennsylvania Car Accident Attorney 

At Edelstein Martin & Nelson, our skilled car accident attorneys in Pennsylvania are dedicated to helping you every step of the way when it comes to your personal injury claim. We will work with you to gather evidence and pursue at-fault parties so that you can achieve the compensation you deserve in your time of need. These can be challenging times but you do not have to stand alone. Please do not hesitate to contact an accident attorney in Pennsylvania at (215) 731-9900 for more information on your legal options.