Bucks County, PA – Two-Car Collision Causes Fatalities

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July 29, 2018
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Bucks County, PA – Two-Car Collision Causes Fatalities

Two-Car Collision on I-95 Kills Two People

Two-Car Crash in Bucks CountyBucks County, PA (July 29, 2018) On Sunday morning around 7: 00 a.m., a two-car collision occurred on the I-95 between exits 35 and 32. A man drove southbound in the wrong direction and collided with a vehicle driving north. The EMS transported the injured victims to Jefferson-Torresdale Hospital and Hahnemann Hospital. The man who drove the wrong way was one of the people who died. The passenger in the vehicle headed northbound also died. The remaining two people are still in the hospital.

The I-95 lanes were shut down for hours due to the accident. Officials are still investigating the scene to determine cause and liability.

Car Accidents in Pennsylvania

Car accidents are almost always devastating experiences that happen far too frequently. Although drivers have a legal responsibility to drive safely at all times, the main cause for all accidents is negligent driving. Negligent driving comes in many forms, including texting, eating, talking to another passenger, speeding, driving under the influence, or searching around the vehicle for a lost item. All of these actions distract the driver from paying attention to the road.

A fatality is always tragic for family members no matter the cause. It ‘s not only hard to come to terms that a loved one is no longer alive, but it can suddenly become a financial burden to try to pay for medical and funeral expenses. Because there were two fatalities and two injuries, wrongful death, and personal injury lawsuits might fail depending on what investigators conclude regarding the cause of the accident.

At Edelstein, Martin & Nelson, we understand how suddenly accidents change the lives of our clients and their loved ones. We do everything we can to ensure our clients receive compensation for their damages and losses, and for their pain and suffering. If you, or someone you loved suffered injuries due to a motor vehicle accident, call 888-208-1810.