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Brecknock Wreck Injures Married Couple

Brecknock Wreck Injures Married Couple

Brecknock Wreck Injures Married Couple (Monday December 11, 2017) A Brecknock wreck injures a married couple sending both to the hospital.

While driving their car down New Holland Road, otherwise known as Route 625, Barbara and James Schlouch found themselves in dire circumstances following an accident with another passenger vehicle.

According to a report by The Reading Eagle, the accident happened Sunday, December 10th right around noontime in Brecknock Township.  Mrs. Schlouch was behind the wheel with her husband in the passenger seat traveling southbound on New Holland Road when a car traveling northbound, while making a turn from New Holland Road to Gouglersville Road, collided with their vehicle.

Brecknock Township police reported the northbound vehicle was driving by Mark Fischer, who is 59 years old from York.  Mr. Fischer, who was injured in the accident, but not seriously was treated on the scene my responding authorities. Mr. and Mrs. Schlouch however were not as fortunate.  The couple was taken from the accident scene and transported to Reading Hospital where they were listed in stable condition.  No information was provided on the nature of their injuries.  The couple are from Lancaster Country, Mrs. Schlouch is 69 years old and her husband 73 years old.

The accident caused the roads in the area to be closed for nearly two hours.  Specifically, sections of Gouglersvillle Road and New Holland Road were affected by these closures as the accident was evaluated by police and cleared.  Police indicated that the conditions of the road did not appear to cause the accident, a full report has not yet been made available nor have they citied either party to this point.

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