Atlas Woman is Victim of Car Crash in Northumberland County

                By on March 29th, 2018 in Accident News

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Car Crash on Route 91An overnight car crash seemed to result in extremely catastrophic injury for 27-year-old Brittany Nicole Tebo of 442 West Girard St., Atlas. According to reports, Brittany was driving her Mercury Mountaineer eastbound when she crossed through the oncoming lane and veered directly down an embankment. Brittany’s Mercury struck a tree head-on and spiraled at least 180 degrees before coming to a halt.

The accident occurred on Route 91 about a mile from Boylan’s in Mount Carmel Township. According to police, the crash happened around 1:10 am this morning, and the reason for the accident remains unknown. The oddest thing about the motor vehicle accident is that Tebo was found in the front passenger seat of the car. At this time, it appears as though she was the driver and sole occupant of the vehicle when it crashed.

Unfortunately, Tebo was taken to Shamokin Area County Hospital where she was eventually pronounced dead as a result of her injuries. Obviously, this is as bad as it gets for anyone who finds themselves veering off the road into an accident. Nevertheless, situations like this occur all-too-often, and if they don’t result in death, then they most likely will end with horrendously severe injuries.

At Edelstein, Martin & Nelson, we are all-too-familiar with accidents of this nature. While surviving is preferable to the other possible outcomes, severe injury always leaves the victim with a slew of physical and financial concerns. If you have found yourself the survivor of a terrifying accident that has left you severely hurt, call 888-208-1810 today!