Are Falling Objects on a Construction Site Dangerous?

Are Falling Objects on a Construction Site Dangerous?

Of all of the most dangerous jobs you can have, working in the construction industry is one of them. And, construction workers understand all too well the many dangers that exist on an active worksite like falling objects, for example. When your average construction site is in operation, there is a lot happening. People are working on the ground, in construction vehicles, and high up on scaffolding. It just takes one mistake from a worker high above or an improperly stacked pile to lose stability for a major and even catastrophic accident to happen to a worker. 

Due to the types of objects that can fall on and impact a construction worker like power tools, heavy equipment, and materials, or even fellow construction workers who slip and lose their footing, the outcome of an accident where a falling object impacts a construction worker can be substantial. As a result, a worker may have to take time away from work to heal from their injuries thus, leaving them unable to earn a paycheck. Additionally, the cost of medical treatment can be quite high.

If you were the victim of a construction accident in Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania construction accident attorneys at Edelstein Martin & Nelson understand these injury accident situations and can help you recover the compensation you need from filing a claim.

How Serious Can Injuries Be From a Construction Accident by Falling Object?

Are Falling Objects on a Construction Site DangerousThere are certain situations where a construction worker may catch a lucky break and face little to no injuries if they are hit by a falling object. By and large, though, this is not the case for most workers that are struck by something falling from a location high above them. And accidents where injuries happen because of falling objects occur frequently with over 50,000 people suffering injuries in these situations every single year.

Falling objects can happen by another worker’s negligence, violations of safety protocols and guidelines, or defects in equipment. These incidents can happen without warning and quickly. And the amount of force a falling object can bring can be immense. Even objects that alone are not too heavy can become very powerful upon impact depending on how high up they have fallen.

It is important to abide by all safety guidelines and rules when on a construction site and to stay alert. Being hit by a falling object may not be avoidable, but exercising as much responsibility and diligence can help. Still, if hit by a falling object disabling injuries, brain damage, or even death may result. This is how serious these injury events can be.

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