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Allentown Head-On Collision

Allentown Head-On Collision

Allentown Head-On Collision (December 6, 2017) An Allentown head-on collision caused multiple injuries on Tuesday evening near Muhlenberg College.

The Morning Call reported that while there were up to five vehicles on the crash scene, the Allentown head-on collision involved two sport utility vehicles, one noticeably larger than the other.  The accident occurred just before 8 o’clock in the evening on Hamilton on the south side of Muhlenberg College in the 2500 block area of the road near Ott Street.

Police and investigators on the scene told The Morning Call that the smaller of the two sport utility vehicles, which was driving east on Hamilton seemed to have crossed over the middle line of the road slamming head-on with the larger vehicle.  Both vehicles sustained massive front-end damage and the driver from the larger SUV was ejected from the collision.  Both vehicles came to a rest on the westbound side of the road with the smaller SUV off the road next to a tree.

The smaller vehicle had just passed the curve on Hamilton by Ott Street when it departed its proper lane causing the collision.  Emergency Medical Services were immediately dispatched to the scene and rushed the ejected driver of the larger SUV to Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest.  Remarkably, while the injuries to the ejected driver were described as serious, police said they didn’t think they were fatal and expected that the driver would survive.  Also remarkable, the male driver of the smaller SUV had relatively minor injuries.

No names of the drivers have been released nor has any indication been given if there were passengers in any of the cars involved in the accident.  The speed limit on this patch of road is 40 MPH so even if the drivers were both doing the speed limit, a head-on collision would have caused the kind of damage witnessed by police.

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