Accidents That Occur Due to a Truck Driver’s Blind Spots

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Accidents That Occur Due to a Truck Driver’s Blind Spots

truck driver's blind spotsAll across Pennsylvania, trucks dominate the roadways. Whether they’re heading back to the city where they live, or delivering things to various companies, truck drivers play an integral part on our roads and we will continue to see more and more appear on major highways as companies continue to excel. In fact, statistics tell us that about 3 million commercial vehicles drive on our country’s roadways every year. Sometimes on these roadways as we’re driving along, we will come up onto a commercial truck and drive alongside them, putting us in an unknowingly dangerous situation.

Many people don’t understand that a truck accident can wreak complete devastation on a family. Most of these accidents are rife with severe injuries and even fatalities, as trucks are thousands of pounds heavier than your common sedan. About 4,000 people lose their lives in trucking accidents every year, many the result of one small mistake. Truck driver’s blind spots happen to be one of the most dangerous aspects in many accidents, earning them the name “No man’s land.”

Avoiding Blind Spots 

Blind spots, or no-zones on trucks are actually quite large. The length of most 18-wheelers falls somewhere between 70-80 feet, with some trailers extending well beyond 100 feet. This means that truck drivers have extremely limited visibility when it comes to the sides of their trucks, as well as directly behind or in front of the vehicle. This is especially prevalent in trucks that are quite high off the ground against vehicles that are very small and compact, making it more likely for them to go unseen. Truck drivers can only rely on the side mirrors on their vehicles, as they do not have the same rear-view mirrors that we have. Here are some ways to protect yourself from truck driver’s blind spots:

  • Never cut in front of trucks or buses under any circumstances, because these large vehicles need a lot of time when it comes to stopping. If you can’t see the entire front end of a truck before you pull back into the lane in front of it, you don’t want to go – because they can’t see you.
  • Never drive slowly along the side of a truck, because they might not be able to see you. If you can see the driver’s face in their side mirror, they probably see you as well.
  • Try to pass trucks on the left when you can. This is because their blind spot is smaller on the left side.
  • Always give trucks about 20-25 car lengths. If any sudden moves are made, you don’t want to rear-end the truck, and you don’t want their wind pressure to push you around – or off the road!

When You Have Been Injured 

Have you been injured due to a truck’s blind spots? Even if a truck driver was unable to see your vehicle, they could still be liable for your accident because truck drivers are always told to take special precautions when driving with other vehicles on the roadways. A truck driver could be considered negligent if they did not notice you and veered into your lane, causing an accident. Take legal action as soon as possible after your accident has occurred, and call us at Edelstein Martin & Nelson. We are waiting to hear from you at 888-208-1810.