Accident in Tionesta Results in Four People Hospitalized

                By on April 8th, 2018 in Accident News

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Collision in Tionesta TownshipUnfortunately, accidents are rarely expected and usually, at least somewhat life-changing for anyone involved. Today, four people are being treated after two vehicles collided yesterday, resulting in moderate to severe injuries. The crash took place in Tionesta Township, Forest County, and detrimental damages left the two vehicles involved in disabled condition. Both vehicles were towed away from the scene, and all four victims were immediately taken to UPMC Northwest hospital.

The motor vehicle accident occurred at the intersection of Route 62 and Route 36 in Tionesta when 81-year-old William R. Wallace failed to yield at a stop sign. That’s when Crystal A. Walker, 35, slammed into Wallace’s vehicle. Both drivers had one passenger in their vehicles at the time, and all four people suffered injuries as a result of the crash.

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