6 Types of Nursing Home Neglect

6 Types of Nursing Home Neglect

When the improper care of nursing home residents takes place, this type of negligence can lead to devastating health outcomes. Residents can not only be physically and mentally affected by nursing home neglect, but they can also die from a lack of care. There are many ways that nursing home neglect can take form and this issue is extremely common in nursing homes across the United States.

If you suspect or have knowledge that your loved one was hurt because of nursing home neglect in Pennsylvania, you can and should reach out to the authorities immediately to report the issues. You may also reach out to a Philadelphia nursing home abuse attorney at Edelstein Martin & Nelson, LLP, to see what your legal options are for recovering financial compensation for damages suffered.

How Nursing Home Neglect Can Happen

6 Types of Nursing Home NeglectNursing home neglect can happen in nursing homes, assisted living communities, and any other type of care facility that supports the elderly population. Neglect is a type of abuse that happens when residents in these facilities receive improper care or no care at all.  

Some of the most common types of nursing home neglect include

Physical Abandonment

If a person who has a duty to take care of another person ditches or deserts that person because of a lack of concern about their safety and well-being, this is unlawful and dangerous. Especially when the person who was left behind cannot take care of themself.

Medical Abandonment

When a nursing home does not attend to the medical needs of a resident, makes errors with medical care, or simply does not make an effort to treat medical issues that arise, the resident’s health can deteriorate quickly. A resident in this situation is at high risk of dying.

Daily Care Abandonment

When nursing home staff fail to keep up with daily care essentials like providing meals, hygiene assistance, making sure the resident is hydrated, and that their environment is safe for them to live in, this type of abandonment can be painful and deadly.

Personal Hygiene Abandonment

Nursing home staff that do not regularly help a patient clean their teeth and body or ensure that their clothing and linens are properly laundered can make living highly uncomfortable for the residents. It can also cause diseases and health problems to develop, like rotted and decayed teeth or irritated skin.

Self-Care Abandonment

It is the duty of the staff to keep a watchful eye on residents and intervene when things look off. When a resident fails to take care of themselves and will not alert the staff that they are struggling, it is the staff that should notice this and take action to keep them safe.

Social Abandonment

People are social by nature, and several studies show the positive impact that socializing can have versus the adverse effects of being isolated on the human psyche. Keeping residents from seeing friends and loved ones and engaging in social activities can be highly detrimental to the resident’s health.

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