6 Types of Nursing Home Neglect to Lookout For

6 Types of Nursing Home Neglect to Lookout For

When your loved one goes into a long-term care facility like a nursing home the goal is usually to help them live the highest quality of life with their given health limitations in mind. Nursing homes are supposed to provide the support and care that residents, who can no longer live independently, need to go about daily life. However, when your loved one is not being treated appropriately or looked after the way that they should be, nursing home neglect may be present. 

Understanding the types of nursing home neglect that can take place can help you identify it quicker which can lead to you addressing the problem sooner so you can keep your loved one safe. If you have determined that nursing home neglect has taken place, there may be legal remedies that are available to you to obtain financial compensation for the losses that were suffered. The Pennsylvania nursing home neglect attorneys at Edelstein Martin & Nelson, LLP provide legal guidance and representation here.

Understanding the Various Forms of Nursing Home Neglect

6 Types of Nursing Home Neglect to Lookout ForNursing home neglect is a common form of abuse that elders experience while in long-term care. The National Center on Elder Abuse reports that some form of neglect will either happen to or be witnessed by as many as 95% of nursing home residents at some point during their time staying in a long-term care facility.

The following illustrates the different types of nursing home neglect that can occur:


When an elderly individual is completely deserted and left alone without assistance or account of their safety and welfare.

Failure to Provide Sufficient Basic Needs

Everyday necessities are lacking. Water and food may be insufficient or the residence where the individual lives is not sanitary and is actually dangerous for them.


When negligent medical care is administered where there is a lack of proper diagnosis, treatment, and attention to issues that are a health risk to the resident.


Individuals are not bathed regularly or their clothing is not washed as it should be. Essentially, a failure to attend to the basic hygiene needs of a resident.


The resident needs assistance and greater support from the nursing home but does not bother to reach out for it or outright rejects it when it is offered.


Keeping a resident isolated from others and limiting interactions with friends and loved ones.

Neglect can take on many shapes and forms. Your loved one may not tell you that they are being neglected or harmed in the nursing home for a variety of reasons. Though, when you notice that something is amiss with your loved one neglect or another form of elder abuse may be present. It is imperative to look into the situation further and if abuse is happening get your loved one help.

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