3 Ways To Reduce the Risk of Being Hit By a Drunk Driver

3 Ways To Reduce the Risk of Being Hit By a Drunk Driver

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 32 people will die in a drunk driving car accident every single day somewhere in the United States. This means that every 45 minutes, a life is lost to an intoxicated driver. Drunk driving is a problem in the United States, and even though it is illegal, it happens all of the time and leads to great physical bodily harm and death. In 2020 alone, 11,654 people lost their lives in a crash where alcohol was a factor. The death rate from drunk driving in 2020 was up 14% from the prior year in 2019.

Drunk driving accidents are a tragedy, especially because the losses that come with a drunk driving crash are avoidable. If more people simply refuse to get behind the wheel after drinking too much alcohol or with drugs in their system, thousands of lives would be saved every year.

If a drunk driver in Pennsylvania injured you, you have the right to take legal action and hold them accountable for their negligent behavior. You can file an injury claim against them to recoup all your losses. For help, you can meet with a Pennsylvania car accident attorney at Edelstein Martin & Nelson, LLP.

How to Avoid a Drunk Driving Crash

3 Ways To Reduce the Risk of Being Hit By a Drunk DriverThere may not be a foolproof way to ensure that you are never in a car accident or that you never will be hit by a drunk driver. However, regarding drunk driving, there are some things that you can do to greatly reduce the risk you have of being in a crash. Consider the following:

Avoid Holiday Driving

When various holidays roll around there are more get-togethers, parties, and alcohol. Some people will tend to indulge more during the holiday season, most notably from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. However, during the year and throughout the summer, there are also many festivals, cookouts, different holidays, and all kinds of celebrations that pose a great risk for drunk driving as well. If you can stay off the roads during the holidays you can reduce the chances you encounter a drunk driver.

Driving Late at Night

When it gets late into the night, you never know why a driver might be on the road. Late-night drivers could be leaving a job exhausted or rushing to work. Of course, they could also be people who are leaving late-night parties or bars. Between midnight and the wee hours of the morning, it is best to avoid driving if possible.

Identifying Reckless Drivers

If you see a driver swerving in and out of their lane, carelessly switching lanes without turn signals, or engaging in other erratic or aggressive driving behaviors it is best to stay far away from these drivers and avoid being near them at all costs. These drivers may be intoxicated or aggressive and unpredictable.

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